Rrest (Atlanta, GA)


Rrest — Goodnight Chanteal

“A trail of ghostly melodies and somber hooks that linger long in your ear.”

— Latest Disgrace

Rrest is equal parts dream-pop and heartland rock, ethereal guitar layers and a lo-fi style that lend itself to memories of scratchy 45’s. Sometimes referred to as ‘gloom-pop’, Rrest creates music that leaves the listener floating in an atmospheric fog of droning organs and fluttering guitar noise; reverberated psychedelia and narcotic vocals. Weary and mysterious in equal measure, full of blessed broken guitars and a vibey carousel of gutter-cheap electronics, the duo’s new full-length debut is a feast of dreamy dope-smug shoegaze ballads and droning, acoustic-anchored gloom pop. Rrest is Wes Ables, Andy Teems, Chandler Galloway, James Minderhout, and James Taylor Jr.



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