Passing Parade (Jackson, MS)

Passing Parade

Passing Parade — The Librarian

“A fuzzy new band.”

— Jackson Free Press

Started in 2006 as a side project of Cody Cox and Josh Taylor for songs outside of the styles of previous bands, Passing Parade self released one lo-fi album in 2007. After shelving the project for a number of years to pursue other endeavors, Taylor and Cox added long-time pal Jarad Wilson on drums and headed down the buzzy, rock n roll path. They recorded a 3-song EP early on with this lineup, but Taylor decided to leave the band and the album was not released. Adam Barkley has since joined in Taylor’s stead and the band continues to move forward, sometimes diagonally, but always joyously. They are currently working on a full length album with Tony Abercrombie at Bear Cave Studios.



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