Looksy (Tuscaloosa, AL)


Looksy — By & By

“The band’s style is their own, though. Heavy garage guitars are balanced with distant vocals, tempered drums, and catchy songwriting. Their set is engaging and dynamic, as songs like “Common” may snap from sleazy riffs in the verse to chiming, dreamlike interludes, to heavy chords in the chorus.”

— Magic City Bands

Since their formation in late 2011, the bluesy rock outfit Looksy has made themselves a staple in the Tuscaloosa, AL music scene. After releasing a handful of songs in 2012, the band’s first official EP “Deeper Into the Woods” was released in the summer of 2013, showcasing the band’s unique rock and roll sound with 5 diverse tunes. The band has had the pleasure of playing shows all over the southeast and appear in festivals such as the 2013 Secret Stages festival in Birmingham, AL. With the future in mind, the band has been hard at work perfecting old favorites and writing new songs in preparation to record and release a full-length album, currently aimed for a Fall 2014 release. Looksy is a band who always aim to keep things loud and vibrant, with melodies and rhythms that are may take you by surprise.



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