Gross Ghost (Chapel Hill, NC)

gross ghost

Gross Ghost — Leslie

Gross Ghost — Leslie

“Gross Ghost’s Brer Rabbit was an album that successfully presented white-out fuzz in recognizable shapes, delivering dream pop with a rock muscle behind it. Public Housing both clarifies those layers and distorts them further.”

— Matthew Fiander, Pop Matters

Originally a duo built around Mike Dillon and Tre Acklen’s predilection for atonal noise and charred pop, North Carolina’s Gross Ghost have turned into a wholly different creature in the 6 years of their existence. Allowing more melodic tendencies to shine through, while rounding out the band with a rhythm section (consisting of longtime member Chris Riddle and new addition Ellis Anderson) has allowed the band to stretch and explore the concept of what rock music means to them. Currently recording new material, the band is pleased to play Secret Stages, as this will mark their first time in Alabama.



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