Future Elevators (Birmingham, AL)

future elevators

Future Elevators is a melody driven project based on positivity and a conversion of energy. Fresh and Classic at the same time, this music is infectious and will stick to your brain. The work horse of this baby, Michael Shackelford, is dedicated to finding golden tones providing a pleasurable listen for the audience by way of crafting brilliant songs comprised of a combination of straight forward lyrics as well as deeply cryptic clues that take one down the rabbit hole filling your mind pallet with ear candy along the way. Give it a listen and let the music take you on a ride. Genres may include…Underground Rock, Driving Music, Soundtrack Music, Seed tones, Craft Love, Mood Waves, Baby Making music for all ages. Mind openers. Every song sounds different and somehow unified by the tones and vocal intent. This is really for everyone. Enjoy.



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