Doc Aquatic (Asheville, NC)

doc aquatic

Doc Aquatic — The Jump

“…it’s music that emanated from caves — not dark, itself, but over-bright to burn against darkness. Something muscular and searing; an opal unearthed in a mine…. The haze of sleep deprivation that rings everything with a fuzzy halo. A scrape of nails and a promise of cool comfort. The welcome shine of the outside world eclipsed by the burn of sunlight onto retinas.”

— Alli Marshall, Mountain XPress

Doc Aquatic is an indie rock trio based in Asheville, NC comprised of Charles Gately (Bass/Keys) and brothers J.C. (Vocals/Guitar) and Zack Hayes (Drums). The band released their first full-length LP, ‘Tombs’, last fall and have been touring since in support of it. Each member brings their respective influences to form a sound that has been described as “rooted in the past and the present — with buoyant indie rock sensibilities working in tandem with hard driving psychedelic grooves.”



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