Disfigurement (Atlanta, GA)


Disfigurement — Noxious Sensation

“Nothing but pure death studied from the lexicon of artists like Morbid Angel and Vader, with faster and repulsive rhythms interspersed into roiling, atmospheric grooves and a raw but precise sense of atmosphere that generates an infernal level of energy and enthusiasm that is…to be blunt…infectious.”

— Autothrall, From the Dust Returned

Formed in 2011 from the depths of Atlanta’s metal scene, Disfigurement has forged a name for themselves among true death metal fans. Performing with legendary acts such as Kreator, Nile, Deicide, Exhumed and Inquisition, as well as rising international acts such as Deathhammer, Obliteration, Miasmal and more, Disfigurement holds nothing back in their live performance. Following their 2012 single, Abyss of Hatred, their 2013 Soul Rot EP has gathered international attention and serves as a warning for the brutality that will ensue from their upcoming full-length.



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