D1n.Only (Orlando, FL)


D1nOnly — Greetings

“Instead of an over accentuated sense of bravado or glorifying violence, D1n.ONLY raps honestly, passionately about staying true to yourself and rising above the overarching influence of the streets. Unless I’m missing something, it really seems to be an affirmation that being cool is all about being you, not trying to run in line with what someone else thinks is cool and right.”

— Quinn S., Mixtape Muse

Many hip hop purists tend to view today’s generation of rappers as a lazy lot, only concerned of dollars signs. Some apples must fall far from the tree as D1n.ONLY speaks with wisdom,
”I ONLY speak what i know, but i speak to the people,” says D1n.ONLY, born in 1992, coming from Altamonte springs, a small city inside Orlando FL. He relates to and re-visions his past in every bar when he rhymes. After a short stint playing football in Newport News D1nOnly returned back to Central Florida to concentrate on music and still continue to pursue his education while following his dreams. His music is a dose of reality and a reflection of ones self. With 2 mixtapes under his belt, “after recently dropping motives” he continues to witness life everyday and take every day as a lesson, as he grinds his way up the ladder of success. Humble in real life, while animalistic on the mic, D1n.ONLY delivers lines that hip hop purists and young teens can both relate to.



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