Captain Green (Baton Rouge, LA)

captain green

Captain Green - Funky Armageddon

“Within the show, it’s easy to unconsciously get swept into a crowd-spanning groove to the band’s fusion blend of jazz, soul and funk – a mesmerizing infectious wave you can’t see coming. Dancers have been known to randomly pop out of the crowds, twirling hula-hoops or lights.”

— Jake Clapp, DIG Magazine

Captain Green is an up-and-coming touring ensemble that’s sweeping the gulf south.

Born in the muddy waters of south Louisiana, the boys from Captain Green are cookin up a sonic gumbo good enough to slap yo’ mama. Intergalactic space funk is the name of Captain Green’s game, taking electric jazz and smashing it face first into the dirtiest funk New Orleans has to offer. Think Frank Zappa meets Dirty Dozen Brass Band. Or Miles Davis meets Galactic.

These boys are on fire, get em now before everyone knows what’s up.



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