Body of Light (Nashville, TN)

body of light

Body of Light — Somebody Else

“..some expertly crafted, pristinely produced pop.”

— Chris Murray, Nashville Scene

Body of Light is a lush, percussive, 6-piece pop band from Nashville, TN. Led by twins Mike & Mitch Kluge, Body of Light is touring on material from their first self-titled & self-released album as of August 2013.

Body of Light is a highly interwoven pseudo electronic act that draws influence from pop but also the avant garde. Mike and Mitch Kluge’s bass and guitar duo is backed by odd meter hip hop grooves, glitchy effects, swirling atmospheres, layered vocals, and the occasional james brown sample.

For fans of something Radiohead might do with Don Caballero, Pinback & Magma.



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