Baghouse (Athens, GA)


Baghouse - Sequinox

“Athens, Georgia-based Baghouse performs a dreamy mix of jungle, techstep and ambient drum’n’bass excursions, linked together through intermittent downtempo, trip-hop and free-jazz transitional elements.”

— the Knitting Factory

Baghouse folds space.

Baghouse is at it again, reforming the line up of robison/rieter/mcleod, they have collectively absorbed the last decade, and channeled it back out as…something weirder and more aggressive than before.

Early on, Baghouse could be seen collaborating with turntablist DJ Crush, and opening for like minded national acts including Galactic in Birmingham, AL, Tim Reynolds in Tuscaloosa, AL, and Drums n Tuba in Athens, GA.

That was then. This is now…

Baghouse explores the territory between ambient post rock jazz and full on doomprovisation.

A document of recent sounds 3.16.13 has been recorded in Athens, GA and is available digitally via the Bandcamp link below. More recordings will be released in 2014.



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