Lambchop and other new bands announced!

Hey there, Secret Agents. We’ve got another great announcement for you today — ten new bands have been added to the Secret Stages 2012 lineup. Make sure you click on over to their individual pages and absorb all of the excellent audio and video we’ve provided there. Alright, drum roll please…

Brainworlds (Atlanta, GA)
Dead Fingers (Birmingham, AL)
Fargo (Mobile, AL)
Invisible Hand (Charlottesville, VA)
Junior Astronomers (Charlotte, NC)
Lambchop (Nashville, TN)
MackONE (Birmingham, AL)
The Reneaus (Nashville, TN)
S.K.I.P. (Orlando, FL)
Wooden Finger (Jackson, MS)

That’s all for now. We’ll be announcing much, much more over the following weeks, so make sure to check back with us, or better yet, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for early announcements and special giveaways. Secret Stages out.

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